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Unless your kids are enrolled at camp or you’re traveling through some incredible places, summer is a very intimidating time for parents.  The ever-growing conundrum of how to ensure that they’re active, entertained and their brain is stimulated for the long two month break is a relatable problem for anyone with children. The people at have created useful tools for those long summer days when we as parents are at a crossroads between letting them watch tv all day or taking them out to keep them busy.

Residing in hotter climates makes it that much more difficult as playing outside during the day isn’t the best option. The wonderful thing about a tool such as this website is that it’s readily available throughout the school year and it provides extra practice in different subjects. I’ve seen a beneficial growth in Sienna’s interest in educational, yet fun and exciting activities since she has completed a couple of the activities for her age group.

I have perused the entire website, and I believe it’s a necessary tool for parents that desire teacher-approved educational lessons that are simple to teach and a way to track their child’s progress.

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The website provides engaging games and activities for children starting in pre-school and up to high school.  You can choose a lesson by subjects such as Reading & Writing, Math, Science or Foreign Languages. Once you have decided on your subject, there are specific categories that relate to the subject of your choice. For example, within Math you could choose addition, subtraction, division, etc., and in Reading & Writing the options could be early literacy, capitalization, grammar, spelling, etc.

Given my daughter is four, I’d love to share a pre-school aged activity as an example. Upon completion, your child will have learned about triangles, cutting shapes and also have worked on their confidence and self-esteem:

Craft a ME Pennant Triangle

“Your child can transform a triangle of felt into a colorful and motivating pennant sharing all her favorite characteristics and traits. A pennant is a colorful and decorative flag often waved during a game or commemorative event. They are made out of felt and are colorful and full of exciting shapes and colors. Your child can use that same fun style to create her special pennant celebrating herself!

What You Need:

Scrap paper

What You Do:

Invite your child to brainstorm all the things she finds interesting about herself, along with any positive traits she has.
Once your child has finished her list, have her create a sketch of her ideas for the pennant. Encourage her to think about layout and design, encouraging her visual and creative skills.
Now offer her a collection of felt colors and scissors, and invite her to select one color for the background of her pennant. She can cut a long triangle for the base. She can even use a ruler to ensure both sides are even.
Invite her to adorn the pennant with stickers, images, and pieces of felt symbolizing some of her favorite things about herself.

Once she’s finished, she can share her finished creation with the whole family, encouraging her self-esteem and confidence!”

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As always, I don’t do paid posts or reviews.  If I’m recommending something, I truly like it. Children are so obsessed with iPads and Tv, isn’t it amazing to have an exciting tool that blends both education and technology so seamlessly? Happy browsing!


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