Our Incredible Day at Modesh World

Like most parents bearing the heat while trying to entertain our kids this Dubai summer, we are constantly on the hunt for fun and energetic things for our children to do. As such, Sienna, Cole, my mom and I decided to go to Modesh World. And let me tell you, this place is heaven sent! First of all, it’s massive! Second, it’s a good 4-5 hours of fun all in a single place.

Just a small part of Modesh World

Modesh World is about 17 years old! I imagine that it’s seen incredible change since it’s first summer. There are four huge connected halls with rides appropriate for small children up to adults and carnival games throughout.  There’s also a very cute petting zoo by Tamani stables, a trampoline park, a Nickelodeon exhibit, laser tag and a Dino exhibit.  They have a very large indoor bouncy slide and castle area and lots of characters and performances throughout the day.  Their two food courts are a mixture of food trucks and kiosks where you can find anything from kebabs, pizza, burgers, ice cream, fruit and milk shakes.

Sienna enjoying her favorite ride
Sienna’s favorite ride
The carousel was appropriate for all ages
Intimidation Tactics
Intimidation tactics

The rides are your typical carnival rides, but not any less entertaining and fun. My kids, 3.5 and 1.5 had a great time on most of them.  Minimum height requirements are taken very seriously and I would say that your child should be at least 90cm to enjoy a fair amount of the attractions. Cole, sadly, was too little for a lot of the rides, but on a few they let me join or his sister was also a capable chaperone. The adult rides I didn’t partake, but from what I could see they were thrilling and perfect for the venue. A wonderful day for the entire family!

Cole not wanting the ride to be over!
Incredible soft play area
Incredible soft play area
When you're too little to go on the ride your sister is on.
When you’re too little to go on the ride your sister is on.
Cole didn't want to pose with the Transformer, so my mom did it instead.
Cole was scared to pose with the Transformer, so my mom did it instead.
As Sienna propelled to the ceiling "My tummy is joking, Mama!"
As Sienna propelled to the ceiling “My tummy is joking, Mama!”
The food court
The food court
Yes, please!
Yes, please!


Overall, I would highly recommend stopping by this amazing escape from the heat. It truly doesn’t matter the ages of your children, because there literally is something for everyone (even adults).  The best time to come would be on a weekday, first thing in the morning.  Around 5:30pm is when it starts to get overly crowded. My one and only gripe is that there aren’t too many healthy food options for kids. As the benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet has made healthy food a priority in many households, it would have been nice to have those options here as well.  I know, I might be expecting too much, but there’s no harm in hoping!  Other than that, we really did have a marvelous time and I can’t thank Modesh World enough for giving our kids a fun retreat from the heat!

Taking it all in!
Taking it all in!


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