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It’s back-to-school next week in Dubai, and with this season comes buying supplies, uniforms and other necessities to make the ease into the new school year as seamless as possible for our little ones.  Clarks, a British shoe brand, has this back-to-school business down perfectly.

Sienna and I went to Dubai mall this week as she needed shoes for her first day ever at “big school” (queue the “my baby’s no longer a baby” crying).  We walked into Clarks and from the beginning it was such a fun event! Usually, shoe shopping isn’t the first thing that children mention when asked what is a fun activity.  Clarks made this experience not only memorable, but exciting for Sienna.  They have an iPad Shoe Measurement device that accurately measures your child’s size and width of their feet. You then have the option of many different shoe styles to choose from.  Patent, mary jane, light ups, various colors, sneakers etc. They are all so adorable!

Beautiful, yet simple displays
Beautiful, yet simple displays
iPad Fitting
iPad Fitting
So many to choose from!
So many to choose from!
We have a winner!
We have a winner!

Their newest (and cutest) concept are the Gloform shoes. Their mascot is this cute little purple alien and she and her alien friends are all over the store.  The best thing about them is not the amazing comfort and wearability of the shoe (which is a huge plus), but it’s actually the little action figure hidden inside the heel of the shoe. I love that! Animated characters and themes make shoe shopping with kids that much easier! Thanks so much Clarks, for inventing this little world for children to enjoy.  And speaking of the little alien world and various characters, Clarks has created an app of games that you can download and enter into their world. The games are both educational and entertaining.

Gloform Mascot
Gloform Mascot Lunora


Just your typical school shoe...
Just your typical school shoe…
...with an fun twist!
…with an fun twist!


The Glofrom shoes start for about 5 years old and go up to 8/9 years of age. Sienna was too young for this style shoe but the pair we decided on had lights on the heels, major orthopedic support and were so comfortable that Sienna mentioned she felt like a Care Bear on a cloud. I can’t recommend this brand enough and the staff at this particular branch was highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful and friendly (not in the overbearing way!).  I should mentioned that at the moment they are running a promotion of buy any 2 kids shoes and get the third free! Happy shopping! I hope all your littles ones have the best start to the new school year.

Download the Gloform app
The Gloform App


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