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A friend of mine recently suggested that a few of us take a cooking class together at Culinary Boutique in Jumeirah 1.  The subject of the class was Nutritious and Delicious Sweet Treats.  Being a vegetarian and a health nut, this was the PERFECT class for me.  I immediately went online and booked myself in for this 3 hour cooking lesson. Their online booking process was quick and easy and within 5 minutes I was registered.

I arrived at the villa on a Friday Morning and they had valet parking right at the front, which was so convenient as it’s not the easiest place to find street parking.  I walked into the building and was greeted by the aromatic scents of freshly cooked foods and desserts.  All of which were coming from their in-house cafe. I then proceeded up the stairs to the cooking school.  The kitchen had 6 deep sinks, a prep area, various utensils and 6 4-burner stoves. Everything was pristine and all the ingredients were prepped and pre-measured into seperate bowls.





The class was taught by health expert and nutritionist Katie Moore.  She was very knowledgable and enthusiastic about nutrition and she had arranged a very easy to follow lesson plan for people who don’t have the most natural baking abilities (like me).

First recipe - Protein Balls
First recipe – Protein Balls



Second Recipe: Orange Almond Cake
Second Recipe: Orange Almond Cake


Third Recipe: Raspberry Chia Jam
Third Recipe: Raspberry Chia Jam



Last Recipe: Banana Soft Serve
Last Recipe: Banana Soft Serve


All of the dishes were quite healthy and delicious at the same time.  We had loads of fun prepping, mixing and cooking the meals and I would highly recommend taking a class or two with some friends or your significant other. At the end of the class, we were given the cutest take away boxes for our cakes and little containers for the rest of the dishes.

In fact, I only had a couple of negatives regarding my culinary experience. 1) It was really quite hot, given we had 6 burners and 6 ovens going on in a small room. The AC could have been jacked up a little more.  We are all a little sweaty by the time we started working on our second dish.  2) There was only one blender for the whole class to share. I know sharing is caring, but the class would have flowed a bit better with numerous blenders.  However, given all the positives, I would 100% recommend this beautiful facility for your cooking classes.  The restaurant, I wasn’t able to try, but it did have a buzz to it as I walked passed.


To peruse a list and book classes please visit Culinary Boutique


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  • Katie Moore

    August 6, 2016

    Hi Neesha!!! Firstly thanks for this lovely review, I’ve only just seen it, super kind of you and I am so happy you enjoyed it. Also I have been meaning to get your details because in the class you asked about egg substitutes. Well I was watching this youtube vid from a vegan cook and she is using a mixture of flax and water as an egg substitute. I haven’t yet tried but wanted to forward to you as an idea. K xxx

    • Nesha Turley

      October 16, 2016

      Thanks so much, Katie! I had a great time and ah yes flax eggs are great! Been doing them for years, can’t believe I forgot about that!


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